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Maintaining compliance is one thing;

Interest in the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme has soared in recent years; as companies in transport, manufacturing and construction compete for the most lucrative contracts, FORS membership increases exponentially.

The impact of the scheme is such that many suppliers will consider only those businesses that are FORS-accredited in executing their high-end contracts.

As such, to gain work in the UK’s major cities, accreditation has become all but a necessity.

Even if you do not require accreditation to compete for contracts, attaining your FORS Bronze will certainly place you head and shoulders above your non-accredited competitors.

So, the question is: where do you start?

When applying for any exclusive accreditation,
there are always risks associated;

It is almost impossible to foresee whether your hard work, time and money will pay off.

When you apply for FORS Bronze, you will have to undergo an audit; this will be conducted by an approved, external FORS auditor. Many companies fail the first audit; others fail several.

This is the result of several factors, mainly:

  • Lack of preparation;
  • Lack of understanding; and
  • Misdirected effort.

Some companies underestimate the resources needed to pass the FORS Bronze audit;

others misjudge the exhaustive criteria, and others spend too much time and effort on one element at the expense of other elements.

The FORS Assist service, however, remedies these issues.

Think of the service as a fail-safe; with Chartwise guiding you through the entire process of gaining accreditation, the opportunity for failure is reduced dramatically.

Our dedicated FORS consultants will support you every step of the way, whether it’s in-person, by telephone, or by email.

How will you benefit from the service?

  • As a Chartwise FORS Assist customer, you will be assigned a professional FORS consultant. They help you to write policies, provide system manuals and follow our proven FORS checklist to ensure you have all the required systems in place before, during and after your FORS audit;
  • During the official FORS audit your FORS consultant will be present to assist with any questions the auditor may have about your systems; and
  • Following your successful FORS approval your consultant will be on hand to assist with any questions or changes required as your business continues to grow and quarterly site visits will ensure your systems are up to date and compliant for your next FORS audit.

Our head FORS consultant has delivered over 100 FORS audits, and boasts over 35 years’ experience in the industry.

With our team at your disposal, you have the greatest possible chance of passing your Bronze audit first time. Moreover, our service is dedicated to helping you maintain your membership and thrive as a FORS member; in short, we guide you in orchestrating your entire FORS career – we assist in establishing systems that will optimise your compliance not only for your audit, but for years to come.

By securing the FORS Assist service, you ensure you are:

  • Giving your business the best possible chance of passing your audit, thereby
  • Minimising costs, resource allocation and business disruption; which allows you to
  • Operate at a consistently high level in the runup to, during, and after your accreditation.

So, if you are ready to achieve the highest grade of operational compliance, simply reach out to us using the form below; provide us with a rundown of your business and compliance goals; and one of our dedicated consultants will be in touch.

Call (0191) 491 5032 to find out more

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