Urban Driving

What is Safe Urban Driving (SUD)?

Safe Urban Driving examines on-road best practices in cities and towns, specifically, the interaction between HGVs and vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

During the course, emphasis will be placed on cyclists; this training is unique in that it includes a practical ‘on-road’ module. This allows candidates to get a taste of what cyclists experience on a day-to-day basis.

Upcoming Courses

  • Saturday 18th March – FORS Safe Urban Driving – CLASSROOM & PRACTICAL
  • The course is billed at £128.75 per person; this price is inclusive of VAT and DSA upload fee.

    Different way of learning

    The mixture of classroom-based and practical training allows for maximum participation; unlike most CPC classes, which predominantly cover the theoretical aspects of a subject, Safe Urban Driving provides delegates with first-hand experience from a cyclist’s perspective.

    Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

    Delegates typically attend Safe Urban Driving to meet one of the standards of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme; if a business is in the process of applying for FORS membership, having its staff attend ‘SUD’ is usually a mandatory requirement. The same applies when pursuing accreditation in the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) and Work-Related Road Risk (WRRR) schemes.

    Delivered Nationwide

    Our team of FORS instructors deliver courses at our centres and suitable client premises across the UK. In addition, SUD also contributes 7 hours toward a delegate’s Driver CPC Periodic training, should it be required.

    So, what can delegates expect from Safe Urban Driving?

    The course lasts 7 hours, and incorporates two modules: one theroy, one practical.

    Each module is delivered over approximately 3.5 hours; delegates will spend the morning in the classroom, and the afternoon on the road.

    Among other topics, the Theory module will cover:

    • The dentification of vulnerable road users;
    • The interaction of vulnerable road users with urban traffic,
    • Collision avoidance and defensive driving;
    • Route-planning; and
    • Use and maintenance of additional safety equipment.

    And the Practical module will cover:

    • Driver attitude;
    • The dangers faced by vulnerable road users;
    • Areas of potential driver-cyclist collision; and
    • The impact of driver health and fitness.

    In addition to meeting FORS criteria and boosting your business’s reputation, SUD gives your drivers a lesson in safety and efficiency; this puts your fleet in optimal position to reap the rewards of reduced RTAs and improved economy.

    So, when you’re training with Chartwise, what can you expect?


    As a FORS associate and JAUPT-accredited training centre, we guarantee a service compliant with all relevant industry criteria.
    What’s more, as one of the UK’s leading providers of vocational driver training, we strive to deliver to our clients a first-class training programme, one that exceeds the standards of educational content, delivery, comfort and safety.


    On the day of your SUD course, you will be benefit from the expertise of two qualified instructors. During the practical elements, you will be accompanied along a pre-planned route, utilising a variety of road types and ‘pinch points’. Instruction will be given at regular intervals to ensure each delegate is given the opportunity to make the most of the experience, and put their new knowledge into practice. Courses are run in our centres or suitable client locations nationwide, we have even been known to deliver the FORS SUD course as far as Germany before.


    Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, or have never been on a bike in years, our SUD instructors ensure a level playing field for all delegates; there will be a range of cycles at hand, from regular pedal-bikes to electric assisted models. The course is not about your skill as a cyclist; it is about giving you a quality educational experience that you can take away and apply to the real world. The understanding that may be gained through participating in this course could allow you a completely new perspective of urban driving. The Chartwise team is here to facilitate this understanding.

    If you would care to know more about how we can assist you in gaining your desired accreditation, simply complete the form below, and one of our consultants will get in touch.

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    *Courses are subject to change at the discretion of Chartwise UK. For more information please review our Training Terms & Conditions.

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