Operator Licence Audit

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All transport systems will benefit from an operator licence audit – there is no better way to review your operation for issues, inconsistencies and potentialities.

By undertaking the ‘O’ Licence Audit, also known as a Transport Systems Audit, you ensure your operation is given the scrutiny it deserves. Think of the audit as a ‘Health-Check’ – an independent assessor combs through the nitty-gritty of your operation, and provides a full action plan, via which you can identify problem areas, and how best to remedy them.

Are there additional benefits?

There are. By having the Operator Licence Audit carried out, you also demonstrate a proactive approach to the commitments of you ‘O’ license, which reflects well on you in the eyes of the Traffic Commissioner. Many audits of this kind, however, are initiated by the TC – so it’s vital to find an auditor capable of carrying out a quality service within the stipulated time-frame.

So, what’s next?

Care to know more? Find out how to find the best team to check the health of your transport systems:

So, you’re looking for an audit…

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What can I expect?

Our operator licence audit is straightforward. We visit your premises on the morning, carry out a thorough inspection of your operation, and provide a report and action plan at the end of it. Generally, an audit of this type will involve:

  • Initial meeting with management personnel
  • Tour of premises
  • Review of software systems
  • Review of paper/hardcopy procedures
  • Interviews with staff
  • Final meeting and report rundown with management

What will the assessor look at?

During the audit, the following areas will be investigated in detail:

  • Operator License Undertakings
  • Maintenance Records
  • Digital & Analogue Tachograph Records
  • Driver Training
  • Driver Licensing

The process is not limited to these, however. The audit can encompass elements individual to the operation, too: if there is anything you specifically wish the assessor to consider and report on, it may be accommodated in the audit.

Hopefully, this has answered the question Should I get an operator licence audit?


It depends entirely on your operation. In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we’re going to need some information. If you’re ready to take the next step to exemplary compliance, visit our quotation page:

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