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Operator Licence Awareness Training...

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If you’re the director of a company that runs one or more commercial heavy goods vehicles, you are responsible for the level of compliance achieved by those vehicles and their drivers.

Training for Directors

As the director, you oversee the performance of your fleet. While your TM manages the transport operation, and is indictable for any discrepancies, the buck stops with the owner/director. This means that in the event of the DVSA or Traffic Commissioner (TC) discovering evidence of non-compliance within your operation, you will be held just as accountable as the TM.

What does the training involve?

Usually delivered as a one-day course, this training is designed to give Company Directors, Partners and Proprietors a grounding in Operator Licence requirements, and to reaffirm the undertakings provided to the Traffic Commissioner during the licence application.

Though to demonstrate a proactive attitude toward your licence requirements it’s advisable to take OLAT voluntarily, sometimes a company director will do so at the behest of the TC. A course of this kind should comply fully with the requirements of the Traffic Commissioner.

The training typically comprises:

  • Operator licensing;
  • Driver licensing;
  • Incident reporting;
  • Drivers’ hours & record keeping;
  • Maintenance systems;
  • Managing the ‘O’ licence; and
  • Road safety.

Is this what you’re after? Find out how Chartwise can bring you up to speed with the requirements of your O-licence:

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How do I get OLAT?

We can answer that.


We deliver the OLAT course at our accredited teaching facilities in Team Valley, Gateshead. Because we receive enquiries from all over the country, and because many requests for this training are urgent, we can often arrange to deliver the training at clients’ premises.

Why should I do OLAT with Chartwise?

Our accredited management trainers mine their decades of experience of working in the high-pressure world of logistics to provide a full, thorough overview of an operator’s responsibilities regarding their O-licence. Our trainers are themselves O-license holders, and are dedicated to ensuring you’re made familiar with all that the Traffic Commissioner expects of you.

What does the course involve?

OLAT is delivered over the course of a day. Our trainers will cover a range of vital topics, answer questions using first-hand examples, and set a mini-test toward the end of the day. The test will be informal, and will be used only to gauge your understanding of the various responsibilities.

Prices & Availability

Chartwise deliver a regular programme of online and classroom OLAT courses for £150.00 plus VAT per candidate.

Our public courses are as follows:

  • Gateshead – Operator Licence Awareness Training – 1 Day: Monday 23rd October 2023
  • Gateshead – Operator Licence Awareness Training – 1 Day: Monday 27th November 2023
  • Gateshead – Operator Licence Awareness Training – 1 Day: Monday 18th December 2023
  • Gateshead – Operator Licence Awareness Training – 1 Day:: Monday 29th January
  • Gateshead – Operator Licence Awareness Training – 1 Day: Monday 26th February 2024
  • Gateshead – Operator Licence Awareness Training – 1 Day: Monday 21st March 2024
  • Gateshead – Operator Licence Awareness Training – 1 Day: Monday 29th April 2024

So, what’s next?

Well, if you’re happy with this, you can go ahead and review our available training dates:

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You’re ready for OLAT.

The Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course tends to run based on demand and can be arranged both as a public or private course.

Alternatively, complete the form below to tell us your specific requirements. Include as much information as possible. Once you’ve done this, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the feasibility of your suggestion.

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