Operator Compliance

What is OpCom?

How well do you sleep at night?

For most transport managers and fleet operators the answer is often not great:

  • Did we miss an MOT on one of the trailers last week?
  • Did the defect on the old Volvo get sorted before it went down the road?
  • The new lad has got another infringement, what am I going to do about it?
  • When was the last time we checked the drivers licences, digi cards and DQC’s?

With these and hundreds of other questions running through your mind it’s not easy to switch off

…you need a system that allows you to record and check all of this with the click of a mouse or tap of a thumb!

OpCom – Cutting-Edge Fleet Software for Operator Compliance

As an operator and transport manager your days are dominated by getting the goods out the door and keeping the vehicles running. You are constantly firefighting, fielding calls from irate customers and drivers, handling breakdowns, road traffic accidents, roadside inspections.

All the while your legal obligations are being pushed aside and left to pile up and up. Dealing with the tachograph infringements that have been sitting on your desk for 10 days now, filing the paperwork and updating the planner from the inspections that were done last week and now you’ve just found out one of the drivers digi cards has expired today!

OpCom can help you with all the legal obligations of your Operators licence, simplifying you record keeping and making sure you can see just how compliant you are at any moment in time with a click of the mouse.


Want to make your life easier?

You’re on the right path.

OpCom is revolutionary compliance software, built to make the management of a fleet of vehicles more automated. By doing so, it frees up an operator’s time by removing the burden of admin tasks from their schedule – all those hours spent scouring reports for infringements, chasing up inspection records and building WTD reports – will be transformed into solid time which can then be spent actually running their transport office.

What will OpCom do for me?

While still in its early stages, our software will tackle a range of mule work and present the results to the operator in the form of notifications. These notifications can be received by PC, tablet or smartphone, and will provide the operator with all they need to know, along with recommended actions. Among other things, in the near future OpCom will take care of:

  • Driver & Vehicle Downloads;
  • Tachograph Analysis Reports;
  • Driver Licence Checks;
  • Vehicle Maintenance Planning;
  • Working Time Management;
  • Defect and VOR records;
  • One click Compliance

And many other tasks better delegated. What’s more, OpCom will be EARNED RECOGNITION-READY. What does that mean? Well, because OpCom is hardwired to the DVSA’s new KPIs, the performance of your operation will be measured against the highest tier of compliance. Thus, at the onset of the dreaded new DVSA scheme, transport systems using OpCom will have an advantage over competitors with lesser software.

Affordable fleet management software

Because OpCom is still in its infancy, our rates are exceptionally friendly. What’s more: operators who get on board now, stay on board at a discounted rate for life. That means that with each update to the software, the value of your account increases, without your spending an extra penny.

Get yourself a free 30-day OpCom trial.

What do I get?

During your free trial, you will be able to:

  • View in-depth activity information for any of your drivers and vehicles;
  • View Events, Faults and Specific Conditions;
  • View your latest drivers’ hours & WTD records; and
  • Monitor vehicle defects and rectification

Call (0191) 491 5032 to find out more

Every feature, unlimited data, no credit card required.

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