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What's the Transport Manager CPC?

And is it for me?

Looking to become a Transport Manager (TM)?

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, if you wish to secure a position as a TM you will need to acquire the TM CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). This qualification is also commonly referred to as the Operator CPC. Perhaps you’re after a rewarding career in transport; perhaps you’re a driver looking to make the step up – either way, the TM CPC may be your route to success.

What does the training involve?

The TM CPC course, including exams, takes around two weeks. The CPC is an CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) Level 3 award, which means it is of A-Level standard. There are two exams: one short answer exam, this could be multiple choice, one word or a sentence, the other a case study exam where you have been given a scenario and must answer longer format questions that may require research or calculations.

Candidates don’t necessarily have to attend the full two weeks. Some opt to buy the course materials, study at home, and then sit the exams. National statistics show, however, that the likelihood of a pass is significantly improved by attending a course.

There are 30 modules covered in total. You’ll be made familiar with such areas as Drivers’ Hours, Business and Company Law, Operator Licensing, Traffic Regulations and Vehicle Costings.

Do I need to renew it?

No. Just like an A-Level, the TM CPC is a qualification for life; you are not obligated to attend periodic training, as you would as a driver. Many operators, however, attend Transport Manager Refresher training as a means of updating their knowledge and skill-set. In the culture of heightened regulation and technological advancement, this is becoming an increasingly attractive option to many operators.

To find out more about the TM CPC course and study options, see what Chartwise offer:

Now you’re sure
the TM CPC is right for you.

But why should you choose Chartwise?


We deliver the full course in one week with an exam preparation day just before the exam day. Transport Manager CPC Classroom based training takes place at our accredited teaching facilities in Team Valley, Gateshead. However we do have distance learning based solutions with both e-learning and full notes available.

What’s involved?

The course content is covered in multiple ways. We provide a full set of course notes to all candidates in advance of attending the course. These notes are required not only for studying but also for the second exam which is open book format.

Before attending the classroom course we can also provide access to our e-learning platform which covers all topics in detail to give you a head start when it comes to the classroom course.

The first week of the classroom course covers the full range of modules including Business and Company Law, Operator Licensing, Vehicle Taxation and Traffic Regulations. There are 30 Modules covered in total. We also dive into examination technique, and run mock exams to ensure you are optimally prepared for your exam day.

Why should I train with Chartwise?

Our trainers are CPC holders with decades of logistics experience between them. They use their own expertise, acquired first-hand through a lifetime in the transport industry, to ensure you are optimally prepared for a career in the transport office. We understand that the course is intensive, and getting your head around the information is no small task. The difficulty of the course itself is sometimes enough to dissuade potential candidates from taking the step up the career ladder. Luckily, our dedicated trainers take care in easing you into each module, and ensure at each stage that you have a good grasp of the material.

Great. What do I do now?

Give us a call on 0191 491 5032 to confirm your place.

You’re about to take the next step in your logistics career.

It’s a lot to take in, we know. However, booking TM CPC should be the easiest part of the process.

Upcoming Courses* on Team Valley

The exam dates are set by CILT and take place every 2 months. There are multiple study options available to candidates however the most successful is the intensive classroom course:

Transport Manager CPC courses in 2024

  • Intensive Classroom – Monday 29th January – Friday 2nd February plus Monday 5th February and Exams on Tuesday 6th February
  • Intensive Classroom – Monday 1st April – Friday 5th April plus Monday 8th April and Exams on Tuesday 9th April
  • Intensive Classroom – Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May plus Monday 3rd June and Exams on Tuesday 4th June

Still not sure which option will suit you best feel free to give one of the team a call and they can help you understand exactly what’s involved and which study option will be right for you. 

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*Courses are subject to change at the discretion of Chartwise UK. For more information please review our Training Terms & Conditions.

Call (0191) 491 5032 to book your place

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