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Just what is a TM Refresher, anyway?

It’s exactly what its name suggests

A Transport Manager (TM) Refresher course is exactly what its name suggests; a training session for CPC holders, designed to keep their industry knowledge and working methods up to date. The TM Refresher course falls under the banner of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). When it comes to hiring, major haulage concerns are increasingly seeing CPD as an essential component of a prospective TM’s profile.

Do I need it?

The only Operators who, legally, need a TM Refresher course are those that have been cautioned by the Traffic Commissioner and advised to undertake CPD.

It is, however, becoming increasingly common for larger companies to insist that their Transport Managers are up-to-speed with changes to road haulage law, best practice and technology systems. Therefore, if you’re employed, or wish to be employed, by those larger companies, it’s in your best interests to complete CPD.

What does it cover?

A TM Refresher course typically comprises:

  • Operator licensing;
  • Driver licensing;
  • Incident reporting;
  • Drivers’ hours & record keeping;
  • Maintenance systems;
  • Managing the ‘O’ licence; and
  • Road safety.

What exactly do I get out of it?

The fact of the matter is: industry regulations are changing constantly. A TM who is out of touch with these developments endangers their fleet by potentially running it on outdated best practice guidelines. The other major factor is technology. Tech is having a bigger and bigger impact on road haulage, and any operation that’s behind the times risks being left behind by clients and competitors alike.

With road haulage transforming before our very eyes, CPD is becoming an increasingly valid, and valuable, option. Have a look at what you will get out of it:

You want a TM Refresher....

…Chartwise want to refresh you.

Let’s get right to it: what can you expect from Chartwise?


We deliver the Refresher at our accredited teaching facilities in Team Valley, Gateshead. However, because we receive enquiries from all over the country, and because many requests for this training are urgent, we can often arrange to deliver the training at clients’ premises.

What’s involved?

The Refresher is delivered over the course of a day. Our trainer will delve into the into the major responsibilities of a TM. As opposed to OLAT, the TM Refresher is intensive; it is designed to update your knowledge on ever-changing areas such as legislation, best practice and technology. Near the end of the day, we’ll run through a mini-exam: this is only to test your knowledge, and to identify strengths and weakness.

Why should I get Refreshed with Chartwise?

Our trainers are CPC holders with decades of logistics experience between them. They use their own expertise, acquired first-hand through a lifetime in the transport industry, to ensure you know inside and out your responsibilities.

How often should I do the Refresher?

Because of the ever-moving nature of the road freight sector, it’s vital that a TM is running their office on up-to-date procedures. It’s recommended, therefore, that you complete refresher training around every two years.

So, what’s next?

Well, if you’re happy with this, you can go ahead and review our available training dates:

You’re ready for your Refresher.

Booking a TM Refresher is easy.

Have a look at our available dates below. If there is no date suitable, feel free to contact us to suggest an alternate date. Please remember to include as much information as possible – especially location. Once you’ve done this, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the feasibility of the suggestion.


Chartwise deliver the TM Refresher course for £180 plus VAT per person. Dates are usually set in accordance with demand. Private courses can be arranged and will be subject to a day rate plus expenses.

Upcoming Courses

  • ONLINE Transport Manager Refresher – Day 1: Monday 21st November 2022
  • ONLINE Transport Manager Refresher – Day 2: Tuesday 22nd November 2022
  • ONLINE Transport Manager Refresher – Day 1: Monday 19th December 2022
  • ONLINE Transport Manager Refresher – Day 2: Tuesday 20th December 2022
  • Our training consultants are on hand to field any queries you may have in relation to your TM Refresher training. Please contact us at or call 0191 491 5032 for more information.


*Courses are subject to change at the discretion of Chartwise UK. For more information please review our Training Terms & Conditions.

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