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Okay, so you’ve been given your Operator Licence. Now for the hard part: building the operation.

What is a Transport System Assist?

That’s a good question, and one every new operator asks themselves.

There are countless policies and procedures to put in place. You need to implement a system that works for your unique operation, while also satisfying the expectations of the Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA.

Just a few of the aspects you must consider are:

  • Fleet profiling (suitability of your vehicles)
  • System setup (software, hardware & paperwork – are they appropriate for storing/presenting your data?)
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Driver induction & training
  • Tachograph Management

And there are many more.

The assistance of an independent 3rd party can prove invaluable in putting together an operation in line with the undertakings of your ‘O’ licence.

Okay, so what can Chartwise provide?

Chartwise can provide a bespoke assistance service, tailored to the requirements of your operation. To find out exactly how our Transport Consultants can help your operation grow, check out what we offer:

So you’re building transport system…

That’s quite an undertaking.

If you’re new to transport management, the prospect of putting together all the elements of an operation will be daunting, to put it mildly. Luckily, Chartwise are old hands at this kind of thing.

How can Chartwise assist?

Along with the major aspects, like vehicle maintenance and driver training, Chartwise will guide you in implementing the nitty-gritty. What do we mean by this? Well, elements like:

  • Vehicle Costing Projections
  • Key Policy Development
  • Safe Loading & Load Restraints
  • Drivers Hours & Working Time Records
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • ADR (if applicable)
  • FORS Standards (if applicable)

Are less obvious but vital components of a successful system build. Being guided through each of these potential minefields is one of the major benefits of a transport system assist.

And why should I choose Chartwise?

We know this is a strange time for operators. Besides increasing fuel costs, Brexit uncertainty and the threat of terrorism, there’s an even bigger monster on the horizon; its name is Earned Recognition.

Earned Recognition, the new DVSA scheme, threatens to turn the UK road transport industry on its head. Chartwise have been documenting the progress of Earned Recognition from its earliest stages, to its imminent implementation. That’s why our new software system, OpCom, is designed to keep our clients compliant under the regime.

In helping you to build your transport system, Chartwise will integrate the fundamentals of your operation with the new software, ensuring your system is as efficient, automated and compliant as it can be.

Sound good? Head on over to our registration page, where you can submit a request for consultation with one of our compliance specialists:

Compliance is no joke.

A bit of assistance goes a long way.

Getting a transport system assist quote is the easiest part of the whole process. To find out exactly how Chartwise can assist you in building your new road haulage operation, complete the form below in as much detail as possible.

One of our consultants will be in touch shortly.

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