What is Transport Manager CPC?

What is Transport Manager CPC?

And is it for me?

Looking to become a Transport Manager (TM)?

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, if you wish to secure a position as a TM you will need to acquire the TM CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). This qualification is also commonly referred to as the Operator CPC. Perhaps you’re after a rewarding career in transport; perhaps you’re a driver looking to make the step up – either way, the TM CPC may be your route to success.


What does the training involve?

The TM CPC course, including exams, takes around two weeks. The CPC is an OCR Level 3 award, which means it is of A-Level standard. There are two exams: one multiple choice, the other case studies.

Candidates don’t necessarily have to attend the full two weeks. Some opt to buy the course materials, study at home, and then sit the exams. National statistics show, however, that the likelihood of a pass is significantly improved by attending a course.

There are 30 modules covered in total. You’ll be made familiar with such areas as Drivers’ Hours, Business and Company Law, Operator Licensing, Traffic Regulations and Vehicle Costings.

Do I need to renew it?

No. Just like an A-Level, the TM CPC is a qualification for life; you are not obligated to attend periodic training, as you would as a driver. Many operators, however, attend Transport Manager Refresher training as a means of updating their knowledge and skill-set. In the culture of heightened regulation and technological advancement, this is becoming an increasingly attractive option to many operators.

What's next?

To find out more about the TM CPC course and study options, see what Chartwise offer:
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