What is Transport Manager Refresher?


Just what is a TM Refresher, anyway?

It’s exactly what its name suggests –

A Transport Manager (TM) Refresher course is exactly what its name suggests; a training session for CPC holders, designed to keep their industry knowledge and working methods up to date. The TM Refresher course falls under the banner of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). When it comes to hiring, major haulage concerns are increasingly seeing CPD as an essential component of a prospective TM’s profile.

Do I need it?

The only Transport Managers who, legally, need a TM Refresher course are those that have been cautioned by the Traffic Commissioner and advised to undertake CPD.

It is, however, becoming increasingly common for larger companies to insist that their Transport Managers are up-to-speed with changes to road haulage law, best practice and technology systems. Therefore, if you’re employed, or wish to be employed, by those larger companies, it’s in your best interests to complete CPD.

What does it cover?

A TM Refresher course typically comprises:

  • Operator licensing;
  • Driver licensing;
  • Incident reporting;
  • Drivers’ hours & record keeping;
  • Maintenance systems;
  • Managing the ‘O’ licence; and
  • Road safety.

What exactly do I get out of it?

The fact of the matter is: industry regulations are changing constantly. A TM who is out of touch with these developments endangers their fleet by potentially running it on outdated best practice guidelines. The other major factor is technology. Tech is having a bigger and bigger impact on road haulage, and any operation that’s behind the times risks being left behind by clients and competitors alike. With road haulage transforming before our very eyes, CPD is becoming an increasingly valid, and valuable, option. Have a look at what you will get out of it:
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